About Me

My Her-story
I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati and Chicago. After high school, I headed to the University of Virginia for a bachelor’s degree in English. When I returned to the Chicago area, I worked in banking for five years before attending grad school at DePaul University, where I earned my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. I have been fortunate enough to teach at Ladue High School for my entire career in education, which began in 1995.

NOTE: I am part-time, so I'm only in the building on Blue days. However, you can always email me with a question at jblank@ladueschools.net.

My Schedule

B1 Composition, Rm. 146

B2 PREP, English Office (Rm. 117)

B3 Composition, Rm. 143

B4 Lit & Comp, Rm. 148

My Contact Information

Email:   jblank@ladueschools.net.

Voice Mail:  983-5737

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